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How 3 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Mixed Media Paint

It’s weekend! 🙂  Time to create again! I’m really into paint and mixed media paint these weeks, so I decided to complete my series. First I wanted to start with a black background, but then I just didn’t feel like in that “dark mood”, so as I went further it became a colorful piece of art again. 🙂 But I really like the results that come from feelings. I used to plan all my drawings and paintings before as we learned about the composition of a paint, structure of a human body, which was great to improve our skills. But when I started art journaling, mixed media paint, and abstract paint, I got to know another way of artwhen I didn’t just create through feelings, but could enjoy creating spontaneously in the moment, without planning, without worrying of the result, enjoying every moment of the process. It’s much more fun create like that, and way more faster.

If you checked my decorations, you’ll see I spent hours and days with some of them. That’s another way of expression, what I really like designing my own decorations using simple supplies. But sometimes you just don’t have so much time or don’t have any plan with creating and still feel the need to do it. Mixed media paint is a great way for that. You don’t have to spend much time with it, but saving just 30 min. for creating, you will feel happier to have some time for yourself, and get more energy to start your day.

So whatever is your aim with creating.. Use your feelings! Don’t concentrate much on the result! Simply enjoy it and it will turn out well!  🙂

Here’s the tutorial for today:


Material list:

Canvas (or white foam board – optional)
Acrylic Paint: Golden Fluid Acrylics
Modeling Paste: Artists’ Acrylic Modeling Paste
Painting Knive: Palette Knives by RGM
Spatula: AWT Stainless Steel Ink Spatulas
A piece of fabric


You will need 3 colors today, and some fabric. I used blue, violet, and gold this time. After applying your Modeling Paste, use the spatula to give texture for your canvas. Try out different textures, play with it, then let it dry and start to paint!


Fluid Acrylics are the best if you plan to spray the colors, and you can also apply them with a brush. I chose a light violet color starting on the left hand corner and let it flow all the way down on my canvas diagonally. Apply some light blue paint on the other side.


Now that was the part when I still wanted create something dark, so started to apply darker tone of both colors to fill up the canvas and here’s the result. You can see a huge difference between the previous step…


I applied some blue on the edge and let if run down horizontally this time.

Now it’s time for the mixed media part.:-) I really like to use fabric. You can make beautiful textures with them, you can color them, paint over them…there’ so much way.


This time I wanted something minimalistic like a necklace. So I cut out 3 little squares in different sizes. Use a colored fabric, or spray them slightly. I strung the squares on a piece of thread, then glue on the paint leaving the thread hang naturally.

Apply some golden color around the fabric and if you prefer lighter, happy colors, like me, go over with some white and light blue where needed. Here it is! 🙂


Thanks again for being here today! If you got inspired to make your own mixed media paint, leave a comment below. If you have a website, you can add your URL below your name and email so that you can share your beautiful artwork with us:) I’m excited to see them!

If you liked this tutorial, please share it below, so that I can keep providing you more creative tips & tricks! Thanks for every pins and shares! 🙂

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Acrylic Paint:
Painting Knives:
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